Duane Yon

Duane Yon


(British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)

I am grateful for each and every opportunity I come across to work with individuals (both young and mature), couples, families, and groups to facilitate learning and understanding of personal issues, relationship dynamics, and other life situations to promote shift or change.

I have spent a great deal of time understanding my own personal history, and in doing so, I have learned that seeking help is a powerful step forward rather than an admittance of weakness. We all have an individual life story that at times we find difficult to manage, make sense of, change, or accept. Feeling content with our lives can be difficult in an ever-changing demanding 21st Century life. I believe that by simple communication in a safe and confidential environment, we can feel hopeful to achieve our goals and build confidence and inner resourcefulness to see ourselves as ‘good enough’ people, parents, husbands, wives, lovers, and friends.

My work has allowed me to experience a diverse range of people and presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, attachment, shame, loss, bereavement, addiction (drugs/sex/alcohol), identity (sexual/cultural/personal), erectile dysfunction, sexuality, abuse, pre & post natal depression, trauma, childhood trauma, dual heritage and migration in both long term and brief settings.

I create, develop, and facilitate a variety of workshops and courses including anger management, self-development, and emotional awareness workshops, and courses and provide follow-up counselling sessions, advice, and assessments where possible and have a proven track record of positive outcomes.

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How We Work

Initial Contact

After initial contact by phone or email we will arrange to meet you for an assessment. Your initial session will allow us to meet and get to know each other and begin to explore the concerns you want to bring to therapy. This will help you decide if we feel like the right people for you and we will also assess if we are the right people to meet your needs.


First Session

We will agree when and how often we will meet, we normally offer 1 or 2 weekly sessions of 50 minutes each. Together we will review on a regular basis how the therapy is progressing to check that your needs are being met.


Our Experience

We have experience working within the NHS, public and voluntary sectors, as well as running busy private practices. We work within a diverse cultural community with a range of different people from many walks of life, backgrounds and circumstances.


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