Copy writing to educate and inform your target market – S.J. Andrews supercapacitor article

Do you need to share complex subject matter with the market? Have you found yourself struggling to articulate the correct version of a market misconception? Do you need to show the market new concepts and ideas? Our team of copy writers focus on breaking down complex subject matter or new ideas into content for various target markets. In this example, we were commissioned to write an article on a complex subject. There was a misunderstanding around battery storage types. We are not specialists in the subject, but our team are extremely good at taking complex content and breaking it down for the market. The final article was extremely well received by the client and the market. We debunked the “super capacitor battery” myth. We used language that specialist could appreciate, and the public could easily comprehend. How can we help you educate your market?
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Our approach

For the super capacitor article, the clients explained the need for our copy writers to correct the misunderstanding in the market. The clients pointed us in the right direction and gave our copy writing team the contact details for professors and intellectuals in the industry so we could back up our findings with white papers and peer reviewed reports. The final article was well received, and the subject specialists asked to use our article as a source for their presentations. Good copy writing is essential for any modern business. How can we help you?

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